Childhood is a time of endless possibilities and creative exploration. As a child, I loved playing outside. I loved looking at nature's miniature creations and pretending I was a giant. I could fit an entire world in my little hands. I observed ants as they marched from and to their nests, carrying food much larger than their size. I would catch spiders and put them on a stick to watch them sparr like mini boxers. I chased fireflies at night and pretended they were fairies. Yes, childhood was indeed, a time of creative exploration.

Cotton Candy Cloud Series explores the world through a child's eyes. Ordinary objects become extraordinary. Children have the ability to transform anything and everything in a way that makes you excited, hopeful and happy. There are no limits or boundries to their imagination. That fearlessness is often what gets lost as we grow up.

This series is dedicated to my children. The little ones who have reminded me of the free spirit that was me, once upon a time.